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three songs


1) Rails

2) Sand Turns To Glass

3) Stars Align

Preview the songs using the Spotify players below, to skip ahead just hit the next button.

Man Fighting Bear music is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, and where all music is sold or downloaded illegally. Also, if you write to us we will send you a copy and a lovely note.



1) Shards of Steel

2) Hitman

3) AM/FM

4) Breathe

5) Jupiter

6) Armory

7) Echoes in the Dark, Pt. 1

8) Waiting

9) Into the Light

10) Good Morning (featuring Ava Cherry)

man fighting bear (demo)


1) Red Line

2) am/fm

3) Prelusion to Trinity

4) Sand Turns to Glass

5) Jupiter

6) Maverick

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